We want to see healthy rivers, clean beaches and coastal waters, safe drinking water, less waste, reduced flooding and thriving wildlife. Importantly, water company customers want to see this too. However, we have work to do: 13% of our freshwater and wetland species are at risk of extinction, and only 20% of water bodies in England and Wales are at ‘good ecological status’.

Between now and September 2018, water companies in England and Wales will be drawing up plans for their investments between 2020 to 2025. Companies are required to produce these plans for the Periodic/Price Review 2019 (PR19).

Water companies are major private investors in water and environmental management in the UK and the business plans introduced in 2020 will play a pivotal role in the stewardship of the environment.

The Blueprint for Water believes that nature should be at the heart of water companies’ business plans and has developed a set of key priorities that we want to see reflected in these plans, to benefit both customers and the natural environment that we all cherish.

Our four priorities for PR19:

  1. Protect and restore catchments from source to sea.
  2. Stop pollution from our waters.
  3. Use water wisely and price water fairly.
  4. Keep our rivers flowing and wetlands wet.

How we’re working to reach our goals
Throughout the development of PR19 plans, we’ve been engaging with water companies, government, regulators and our supporters, to gain the best outcomes for nature. We’ve launched our Blueprint for PR19, a manifesto for the environment, to companies, and we’ll be continuing to engage with those listed above to ensure the environment is recognised and protected.

You can read a summary of our priorities or download the full Blueprint for PR19 publication.

If you would like any more information or to get involved with the campaign or your water company, please get in touch.