In the last century, we lost 90% of our freshwater habitats, yet less than 1% of the UK’s entire river length and only a small proportion of wetlands are formally protected. We want our rivers to be bursting with life – from water crowfoot to water voles – as they should be.

The 5 goals we’re fighting for

At Blueprint, we’re fighting for 5 goals:

At the end of this year, the government will set out its plans to protect our rivers and lakes. Now is the time for the government to ensure the 5 goals we’re fighting for become a reality – and we’ve set out how we believe they can achieve it.

Download Water Matters (4MB PDF)

If you want to help us reach these goals, you can get involved in the Save Our Waters campaign.

Read Mark Avery’s blog about Water Matters. Mark is the former RSPB Conservation Director.

What we’ve achieved

Working together we have the potential to achieve real benefits for the environment and communities. We’ve collected some of our successes to show what the 5 goals mean in practice, and what can be achieved by working towards them.  Find out more about the Blueprint’s current work by visiting the projects page.

Use water wisely » Save Water Swindon

A project led by WWF-UK, Waterwise and Thames Water to reduce the domestic water use of an entire town.

Download Case Study

Manage floods » Sustainable Drainage Systems

Looking at the effect that a variety of sustainable drainage systems had in the Pymmes Brook catchment in London.

Download Case Study

Stop pollution » Soil loss from agriculture

How ‘upstream thinking’ can prevent soil erosion and deliver tangible benefits to people and the environment.

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Protect & Restore Wildlife » Restoring peat bogs in Cumbria

Wildlife and vegetation is slowly returning after the restoration efforts.

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Join up water management » Catchment Based Approach

Some examples of what the catchment based approach has already achieved on the ground.

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Download the references for the Water Matters document.